Sneakers are the most comfortable and stylish footwear, and they go well with anything you wear. You can pair them with shorts, jersey, pants, and skirts. So, here are few notable women sneaker trends now.


Orange, pink and red are vibrant on the autumn/winter 2020 runways, and those bright and energetic colors even made their way to shoes. These colors blend with nature and can easily show off surprising color combinations.


Chic Dad sneakers are having an extended moment in the limelight. It is almost like the chicer the shoe is; the more women want to wear it. H & M’s chunky sneakers offer a nod to the trend, but in a very wearable package. These toned shoes are also available in solid white for more adaptability.


Platform sneakers continue to be famous, which is fantastic news for short women everywhere. This shoe height reaches a point of diminishing returns when you can’t wear them comfortably. That should not be a problem because retailers have comprehensive options ranging from subtle to bold in height.


Checks, stripes, florals, and plaids are spotted on the fall runways, sometimes mixed together. And sneakers have a suit. Seriously have a look at these $680 Guccis featuring the brand monogram overlaid with an apple print.