– EN Showbiz – Ron Howard has paid tribute to his actress wife Cheryl on the couple’s 44th wedding anniversary.
The pair first met when the Oscar-winning filmmaker was a junior at John Burroughs High School in Burbank, California and, on 7 June, the pair celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary.
Opening up about their relationship in a candid chat with People, the Solo: A Star Wars Story director confessed he knew she was “the one” from the beginning, admitting: “I met her, and there was never anybody else.”
Howard, 65, went on to credit “communication” as the secret behind their relationship, and insisted there’s no foolproof hack for a happy marriage.
“People say, ‘How’d you do it?’ There’s no technique. There’s no tactic other than communication is really important,” the Pavarotti filmmaker explained. “You have to learn to communicate and have difficult conversations in constructive ways.
“Beyond that, there’s an element of luck because people either grow together or they don’t and I don’t think you can force that.”
He also lauded 65-year-old Cheryl’s unconditional support, adding: “She’s unbelievably supportive and always has been. Our compatibility has endured through all kinds of experiences.”
The couple married in 1975, and have four children: actress daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, twins Jocelyn and Paige, and son Reed Cross.